Why you should buy contact lenses online

11th Jun 2015

Buying contact lenses online is simple and easy, but you will need to ensure you have a current and up to date *script* from your ophthalmologist – always ensure you get your eyes checked regularly so the lenses you buy will be right for your vision and needs. If you are thinking of buying your contact lenses online you may be wondering - *why*, what makes buying contact lenses online from Lenses Online *better* than buying your lenses from your local ophthalmologist or eyewear store?

  • Online stores such as Lenses Online offer a bigger selection of contact lenses and at reduced prices.
  • Lenses Online doesn’t just sell lenses – they sell cleaning solutions, solutions for dry eyes, coloured contact lenses and more. They also provide a regularly updated blog that contains interesting articles
  • Online Contact Lens sites also have live help available to answer your questions or the facilities to leave a message if you want to know more about their site or products
  • Lenses Online allow you to choose the lenses you want, not just what your local contact lens store has available.
  • Once you have placed your first order online, re-ordering through Lenses Online is simple and fast, you only need add your details once so ordering replacements is a breeze – and can be done any time of the day or night.
  • Lenses Online provide low cost shipping – FREE when you order over $100.00 (in urban areas) and FREE for rural orders over $200.00 – delivered right to your door.
  • Lenses Online have a Geo Trust secured checkout system in place so you know your card details/address etc are safe and secure.
  • Lenses Online only sell trusted and reputable brand lenses - Alcon Ciba Vision, AMO, Bausch and Lomb, Cooper Vision, and Johnson and Johnson.

Buying contact lenses online is simple and safe and a great way to be able to buy lenses easily, it saves you making a trip to the shops, and having to shop within store opening hours. Buying contact lenses online gives you the freedom to shop when you want.