Suitable for all contact lens users, the range of Aquify contact lens cleaning products is perfect for everyday contact lens cleaning. Here at Lenses Online New Zealand, we have Aquify contact lens products available at great value prices.

Aquify contact lens clener contains Dexpant-5, an ingredient found in dry eye and wound healing products, and Sorbitol, a natural ingredient found in fruits, that together lock in moisture to prevent lens dehydration.

Aquify contact lenses multi-purpose solution requires only a 10-second rub and a five-minute soak to effectively clean and disinfect contact lenses. It also combats contact lens discomfort and dryness, two of the top complaints expressed by contact lens wearers.

Experiencing regular or frequent discomfort and dryness whilst wearing contact lenses? Aquify also produce the Aquify Long-Lasting Comfort Drops, which relieve eye dryness and dramatically improve comfort. These long - lasting droplets mimic and intensify the effect of your natural tears, and are distributed and re-distributed over your eyes as you blink.

Purchase the Aquify Multi-purpose solution value pack from Lenses Online New Zealand to save on your Aquify contact lens products. Check out our great range of Aquify contact lens cleaning products below, if you have any questions or require further professional advice please contact our friendly customer service team.