Lensesonline’s Contact Lenses - Helping NZ Clients See Clearly

Lenses Online supplies contact lenses to NZ clients. Whether you’re long or near sighted, need contact lenses only some of the time or all of the time, or just have dry eyes, we have the perfect solution for you. At Lenses Online we are focused on providing our customers with the best level of service available. We are dedicated to providing you with clear vision, we believe in keeping our services affordable and providing the best quality. Your vision is something that should be treasured.

For contact lenses our NZ customers have a choice of four top-of-the-line brands. These are:

Alcon CibaVision, best known for their production of Opti-Free Pure Moist contact lens solution and AO Sept contact lens cleaning and disinfecting solution. They are the leading brand when it comes to products that will keep your contact lenses clean and provide you with crisp and clear vision.

Our products from the AMO range are multipurpose contact lens maintenance products. This includes everything from contacts lens cleaning solution to lubricating eye drops.

Bausch & Lomb is well-known for their variety of high quality lens care products and for the top-of-the-line contact lens brands they manufacture.

Being the world’s 4th largest contact lens supplier, CooperVision helps customers all over the world to experience clearer eyesight with their innovative design of lenses. CooperVision is also the first manufacturer to combine both multifocal and toric (astigmatism) design in one lens.

Johnson & Johnson is best known amongst contact lens wearers for their highly effective and well-made Acuvue range of contact lenses.

We aim to provide NZ clients with a full catalogue of highly effective contact lenses that help you see clearly while remaining so comfortable you’ll forget they’re there. To this end we provide contact lenses for daily, fortnightly, and monthly use. Toric contact lenses are known as lenses for astigmatism. We also supply multifocal, and coloured contact lenses.

Contact lens care products can be essential to keep your contact lenses working at the highest comfort level so you can continue getting the best results possible out of them. To keep your contact lenses clean and working well we offer contact lens disinfecting and cleaning solution for every type of lens material. For those lens wearers who find contact lenses difficult to wear because of dry eyes, we also offer a large range of eye drops which will keep your eyes moist.

Get in touch with Lenses Online today and chat to our friendly, professional team about your individual contact lens needs. We keep a large range of contact lenses and lens solutions in stock for our New Zealand customers.

Call us on 0800 800 536 and we’ll be there to help you in case you need assistance when placing your order.