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It is a general opinion among optometrists that contact lenses are the best option to fix vision problems without the need of eye glasses. With the advancement of technology, manufactures are now able to produce contact lenses that more comfortable and durable than ever. This has resulted in a mass migration from eye glasses to contact lenses in the span of just few years all over NZ. According to majority of the people who were afraid to wear lenses once, the main fear factor was the irritation issues. It is suggested to go for the best brands when buying lenses, even more so when doing it online. If there is one thing that you should not save money on, it is contact lenses - never go for the cheapest option. Small issues can be huge risk factors for your eyes. Lensesonline offers you only the best brands on the market, a trusted destination of online lenses.

Taking care of your contact lenses is important

Regardless of the frequency you are wearing your contact lenses  - regularly or occasionally, it is crucial to keep them clean and follow the necessary standards. It is probable that the place you buy your lenses from will provide you with a solution just like we do. However, some type of solutions are better than others. Lensesonline provide its customers with solutions that are compatible with a variety of different lenses. A good solution also adds up to the service life of the lens and helps to keep its quality. 

Why choose Lensesonline?

We don't make the false advertisement of selling the cheapest contact lenses in New Zealand. We are proudly offering the top brands such as CooperVision and many others. However, we do a tremendous job of achieving competitive prices that won't hurt your budget. Buying from us is like investing for the long-term rather saving a few dollars in the short-term. Good quality contact lenses will serve you lot longer compared to its cheap counterparts.

Delivered right to your address

Prescription or recreational contact lenses - we have them both. We have puts lots of years behind us and during those years we have been able to complement our online store with the best brands that produce the most popular products. Our suggestions is that you should visit your optometrist and go through the required eye examinations before ordering contact lenses from Lensesonline. The law requires us to ask for a prescription from our customers. Once you provide us with a prescription and order your contact lenses, we will be quick in processing your order and make sure it is delivered to your door withing the promised time frame.