Here at Lenses Online New Zealand, we have a range of AMO (Abbott Medical Optics) lenses available at great value prices. AMO have over 50 years experience in formulating eye care products, with special emphasis on the needs of contact lens wearers.
AMO are dedicated to developing advanced formulations proven to protect and lubricate ocular surfaces, relieve dryness and irritation, and increase overall contact lens comfort. Here are some other great features of AMO contact lenses:
AMO contact lenses come in both hard and soft lens varieties. Unlike most brands, which mostly produce only soft contact lenses, wearers have the choice of either a soft or a hard AMO contact lens.
Superior anti-microbial technology. AMO contact lenses, when stored correctly in AMO developed solution, offer superior anti-microbial deposit repelling and protection technology. Due to this anti-microbial protection, AMO lenses are a great choice for long-term contact lens wearers who need to protect and preserve their eye health.