Biofinity Contact Lenses

Biofinity contact lenses are premium quality contact lenses that offer luxurious all-day, longwearing comfort. These soft, silicon hydrogel contact lenses are designed for weekly wear and guaranteed comfort all week long, making them a perfect choice for long term contact lens wearers that need a lens to ensure eye health despite a busy lifestyle.

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Please take a look at some further information and benefits of the Biofinity contact lens range below:

  • Biofinity contact lenses are super soft and flexible, allowing plenty of oxygen to pass through to your eyes and ensuring a healthy contact lens wearing experience
  • Natural wettability won’t rinse off giving all day comfort
  • Also available in the Biofinity lens range are the Biofinity multifocal and the Biofinity Toric contact lenses. Both premium contact lenses offer the same benefits as the Biofinity range, however they are designed for patients with a multifocal prescription and astigmatism respectively.

If you have any questions or require further professional advice regarding Biofinity contact lenses, please contact our friendly customer service team. We welcome all enquiries and can’t wait to hear from you!