Biotrue contact lenses

Biotrue contact lenses and Biotrue multipurpose contact lens solution, manufactured by Bausch and Lomb, strive to act in complete sync with your eyes.

Inspired by the biology of your eyes, Biotrue contact lenses match the moisture level of your eyes to ensure stable vision and superior comfort all day long. Combined with using Biotrue multipurpose solution, contact lens wear has never been so effortless and healthy.

Purchase Biotrue contact lenses and the Biotrue multipurpose solution value pack for fantastic value and the convenience of delivery straight to your doorstep. Check out some other great features of Biotrue contact lenses and Biotrue multipurpose solution below:

  • Biotrue lenses are designed to mimic your eye’s own tears, ensuring that they retain moisture and shape
  • The Biotrue lens range are 1-day wear contacts, giving you all the benefits and convenience of daily wear lenses.
  • Superior comfort and wear ability; no other contacts feel so weightless and work in sync with your eyes like Biotrue  lenses.
  • Biotrue multipurpose solution contains a lubricant found naturally in your eyes and mimics the pH of healthy tears, preventing irritation and gently cleansing all soft contact lenses.

If you have any questions or require further professional advice regarding Biotrue contact lenses or the Biotrue multipurpose solution, please contact our friendly customer service team. We welcome all enquiries and can’t wait to hear from you!