Astigmatism and contact lenses

31st Oct 2013

In the past, those with astigmatism have only been given the option of correcting the problem with glasses. Today, the eye care market has advanced solutions that offer convenient options for eye care needs of all types. Astigmatism is the result of asymmetry in the cornea and causes focal issues resulting in blurred vision. Because it is different from being near-sighted or far-sighted, astigmatism cannot be corrected by traditional methods. The distortion caused by this disorder requires a special kind of corrective lens, which can now be found in specially designed contact lenses.

In the past, choosing to buy contact lenses gave you very few options. Today's market includes coloured lenses, rigid lenses, daily wear lenses, and many more options. Consumers with astigmatism will find the option of Toric lenses to be a welcome addition to the market. Able to be manufactured in varying prescriptions, Toric contact lenses are a soft lens, which corrects astigmatism effectively. An experienced eye doctor can fit your eyes with these contact lenses so it's possible to enjoy crisp, clear vision with a comfortable lens. Being able to buy contact lenses that correct astigmatism has revolutionised the eye care market and given consumers a comfortable and convenient way to improve vision and eye health.


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