Buying contact lenses online from LensesOnline

27th May 2016

If you already wear contact lenses you know that they can be expensive to buy in stores, but one of the best ways to save money is to order your contact lenses online through a reputable online store such as Lenses Online. Lenses Online sell the exact same brands you can buy in store – Alcon Ciba contact lenses, Coopervision contact lensesBausch and Lomb, Amo, Johnson and Johnson and Sauflon all at discounted prices. Once you start ordering your contact lenses online from Lenses Online you’ll see the savings you are making so you’ll keep coming back.

Lenses Online have the lenses you need at a low price, with free delivery on orders over $100.00 you just won’t find bigger savings anywhere else. All you need to do once you are on the Lenses Online website is to fill out your order form. Once you have set up your initial account you’ll need an up to date prescription from your eye care specialist to ensure you are ordering the right contact lenses for you online. If you don’t have a prescription Lenses Online suggests you visit your ophthalmologist for an eye exam.

Once you have filled out your details the next step is filling in your payment details and then you are all set. In general, your contact lenses will be with you a few days after placing your order.

Why would you order contact lenses online through Lenses Online?

  • Save yourself time – you don’t have to go to the ophthalmologist to buy your lenses over the counter
  • You have your lenses conveniently delivered to your home
  • For orders over $100 you can save money by not paying delivery charges
  • You can order your lenses 24/7 so you’re not stuck with having to be at the store before it closes
  • You have a range of contact lens options at a lower price

You can also order other eye care products and lens cleaning solutions