Choosing The Most Suitable Colour of Contact Lenses For You

9th Jul 2019

The colour of the contact lens that fits you best hinge on tons of aspects, such as the colour of your hair and the tone of your skin. But, essentially, it depends from the types of look you intend to achieve; either looking all natural or sort of going for the dramatic and bold look.

For light eyes

If you wish to do something different to your presence but in a more subtle way, you can choose an improvement dye that defines the edges of your iris and deepens your natural eye colour. And whenever you wish to venture around with different eye colour with reasonable look, you can go to lenses in Gray or green if your natural eye colour is blue. Should you want to have a daring look that takes everybody’s focus right away, people that have all-natural light-coloured eyes and a combination of blue-red undertones can decide contacts in warm shades such as mild brown.

For dark eyes

Opaque coloured eyes are the greatest option if you have naturally dark eyes. For the distinctive characteristic-looking modification, try using a much lighter honey brown or hazel hued lens. On the other hand, assuming that you truly wish to be the centre of attention of the crowd, pick lenses in bright colours, like blue, green or violet. And if you have a dark skin, you can be a showstopper with those dramatic-coloured lenses.

Custom-tinted lenses

You can get a legitimately original look because some lens manufacturers concentrate in creating custom colour tints for both prescription and non-prescription contact lenses. Custom-made shades are manufactured from a number of colours in different densities. The most popular colour is semi-luminous, which pulls off a natural look. The manufacturers might even mask an eye injury, or imitate the look of a healthy pupil. Custom tinted colour contact lenses are also worn by professional athletes to increase their performance. The key advantages of them are reduced glare, increased contrast sensitiveness, and enhanced level of perception. Similar to an Eco-friendly tint contact lens for a tennis players that could allow them to look at ball more clearly from the court.

Potential Shortcomings of Coloured Contact Lenses

While there are coloured contact lenses of different sizes to fit most wearers, there will be some occasions (like when you’re blinking) in which the coloured part of the lens could slide a little over the pupil. This formulates a lesser all-natural appeal, especially when putting on opaque colour contact lenses. Besides, the size of your eyes’ pupil is regularly changes to adapt different light conditions — so sometimes, as at night, the pupils can be larger than the clear centre of your coloured lenses. In a few situation, this could affect your vision.

Coloured contact lenses are safe and secure, for just as much as your lenses are administered, used and well taken care of. It's crucial that you consult with an ophthalmologist for a proper examination and adjustment of contact lenses. This will assure you that your colour contacts lenses are safe and comfortable on your eye.

Comparable to average contact lenses, colour contacts are fine for the eyes from the presumption you stick to your ophthalmologist's guidance, particularly as to how long you really need to wear your lenses as soon as you really need to have them replaced. Once you want to switch your eye colour just for certain occasions, day-to-day non-reusable colour contact lenses are an excellent alternative. You can get coloured contact lenses and daily disposable colour contact lenses online from Lenses Online .