Choosing the right coloured contact lenses for you

31st Mar 2016

Coloured contact lenses available through Lenses Online are great for those who want to change or slightly alter the colour of their eyes, to make themselves feel or look slightly more attractive. Coloured contact lenses today are worn for a variety of reasons including for fashion or for beauty reasons or to correct a vision issue. If you have to wear contact lenses, why not wear coloured contact lenses and enhance your natural eye colour.

Coloured contact lenses from Lenses Online come in a range of colours with different magnifications allowing wearers to buy the right lens for their eye in a colour of their choosing.

The Acuvue Define 1- day contact lens is perfect for those who aren’t happy with the colour and design of their iris – you get the comfort and vision of a one day lens with the added benefits of the lens improving the look of your eye (please note this particular lens is only suitable for those with dark Asian irises only).

In general coloured contact lenses come in a few standard colours including blue, grey, green and brown. The Air Optix Colours pack at Lenses Online is the perfect solution for someone who wears monthly contact lenses AND wants to change the colour of their eyes. These light-weight contact lenses come in a range of colours including sea blue and green and are great for anyone who wants to change their eye colour occasionally.

The idea of wearing coloured contact lenses has grown from the introduction of coloured contact lenses designed specifically for those suffering from astigmatism. For those who suffer from astigmatism rays of light strike the retina at different points rather than at the same point, to see better the cornea needs to be re-shaped allowing light to enter at the same point – thankfully Toric Lenses correct this issue.

For all your contact lens needs ordering from lenses Online is fast and simple, order online 24/7 with overnight delivery on stocked items available and free delivery on urban orders over $100.00.