Contact lenses – the differences

1st Jun 2015

If you are just about to start wearing contact lenses for the first time, or you are just curious to find out what the differences are between the different contact lenses before you order contact lenses online from Lenses Online, this article may be of some help.

What is the best choice of lens for you? What types of lenses are available? Are contact lenses safe? Lenses online have a good range of lenses available if you want to order contact lenses online – let’s find out a little more.

Types of lenses available.

  • Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses – these lenses are not quite as comfortable as soft lenses but you’ll find they are more durable and more resistant to build ups in the eye (dust, proteins etc). Because rigid lenses are not as comfortable – they take time to get use to (you need to preserver). They are easier to handle and won’t tear or damage easily.
  • Soft Lenses -these lenses are made of a softer and flexible plastic – they allow oxygen to pass through the lens into the cornea of the eye and wearers do seem to find them easier to get use to. They are generally more comfortable to wear and disposable lenses tend to be soft lenses too.
  • Disposable Lenses these lenses are worn and thrown out daily, while extended wear disposable lenses can be worn for a few days and then discarded. It depends on your needs most people who wear soft lenses are on some form of replacement schedule.
  • Extended Wear Lensesthese lenses tend to be soft lenses the difference between extended wear and daily wear lenses is that extended wear lenses can be worn continuously or overnight. Extended wear contacts can be worn overnight for one night only or they can be worn up to 30 days. These types of lenses are great for those who have trouble remembering to remove their lenses.

Lenses online have all your contact lens needs covered, from cleaning solutions to solutions for dry eyes. To order contact lenses online is simple and fast.