How to choose the colour of lenses for the eyes?

How to choose the colour of lenses for the eyes?

Posted by Lenses Online on 11th May 2018

The choice of colour lenses has its own nuances, let’s try to understand the nature of coloured contact lenses.

They say eyes are the mirrors of the soul. During a conversation, people tend to make eye contact and may say a lot about you. How important is your eyes outlook? It is probably important enough that majority of people have at least wished for a different eye colour.

In fact, the correct choice of colour lenses should be approached as carefully as to change your overall look. Since sometimes coloured lenses require adjustments such as make-up and even a change in the hair colour.

In this article, we will try to understand all the subtleties of choosing certain coloured lenses. We hope this material will be useful and interesting for you and help you choose the type and colour of your contact lenses.

What colour lenses are there? This is a fairly broad concept.

Tinted Lenses

Colour-tinted colour lenses should be chosen only for those who have their eyes light. Colour pigment in these lenses is translucent, does not have a pattern, the pupillary zone is often coloured, which in general does not interfere with vision at all (although some may note some colour change in the surrounding world). Tinted lenses are not designed to change the colour of the eyes, and as the name implies, they give the eyes a shade, brightness, enhance their own colour, and increase the contrast of the colour of the eyes without changing it. Light toning lenses are not able to block the dark colour of the eyes.

Therefore, if you have bright eyes and you want naturalness instead of a total colour change, then the choice of tinted contact lenses is for you.

Tinted lenses will always be only in 3 colours: blue, green and aquamarine.

Colour contact lenses

The group of colour lenses is more extensive and diverse, includes many more variants of different colours, including rather extravagant ones, for example, violet. The difference with coloured lenses is that pattern of the lens simulates the image of the iris of the eye. Coloured lenses are often more noticeable compared to tinted lenses, especially on darker eyes.

There are also some lenses for the purpose increasing the size of the eye, or in better words, make the eye look bigger. Their coloured part has a larger diameter than the average this giving your eye an enlarged look.

Is it possible to wear coloured lenses with astigmatism?

At the moment, coloured lenses are not able to correct astigmatism but you can still wear them, they will not do any harm either. Pretty much anyone can wear them except for the people who have serious eye issues.

What colour to choose?

The choice of colour and type of coloured lenses is a purely individual process depending on personal tastes and preferences. Our recommendations:

  • For parties, visits to clubs or various celebrations, you can use coloured bright lenses of saturated tones;
  • For daily use, it is better to prefer tinted lenses

  • Coloured lenses are all hydrogel, that is, they do not let oxygen pass to the cornea, as a result of their wearing - the development of corneal hypoxia and corneal epitheliopathy may happen.

    As long as you are careful and follow contact lenses guidelines, they are safe to wear.

    If you are wearing glasses but want to switch to contact lenses, see your optometrist for advice.

    If you are living in Sydney, you won’t have a hard time to find contact lenses for your choice. There are many stores that offer lots of options.