Acuvue Revitalens Travel Pack

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Brand: AMO

1 x 100mL + 1 x Lens Case

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Acuvue Revitalens Travel Pack - 100mL 

Acuvue RevitaLens - Formerly Complete RevitaLens is the same product, but rebranded under the existing Acuvue umbrella following the sale of AMO to Johnson & Johnson

Are you planning a trip and looking for handy and cost-effective solution?  The Acuvue Revitalens Travel Pack 100ml is what you need. You can skip buying daily lenses and take one of these bottles which is ideal for the purpose. They are the best product you can get which will gratify your requirement and stay within your budget.

The Acuvue Revitalens Travel Pack 100ml is a completely purpose built product which provides you the perfect cleaning and disinfecting result promptly and precisely. During time of travel, you would always prefer to pack light. This product is apt for such situations where you don’t prefer taking a big bulky pack. The Acuvue Revitalens Travel Pack 100ml solution is one among the favourite options for the customers besides their normal sized ones. Even if you used up the entire packing space of your bag by packing all your necessary travel items, our Travel pack will come to your rescue. It is so compact and perfect that it would even fit into your pocket. You don’t have to reserve a special space for it and on the other hand the travel pack provides you with thorough and efficient cleaning, lubricating or disinfecting effect in no time.

1 x 100mL + 1 x Lens Case