Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution

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Brand: Bausch and Lomb

1 x 120mL

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Get your contact lenses perfectly clean with the new Boston Simplus Contact Lens Solution. Protein builds up quickly on your contact lenses, and can result in eye irritation and discomfort. The special formula developed by Bausch & Lomb features a highly effective protein deposit remover that cleans and disinfects your contact lenses quickly.

The Boston Simplus Contact Lens Solution with a daily protein remover is specially made for rigid, and hard gas permeable contact lenses, so consult with your doctor before making a decision.

Get your contact lenses squeaky clean with the Boston Simplus Contact Lens Solution. When protein builds up in your contact lenses, it can result in irritation and eye discomfort. The multi-action formula features a built-in protein remover that cleans as it disinfects. Especially made for rigid, gas permeable contact lenses, the Boston Contact Solution keeps your contacts clean.

1 x 120mL