Total Care 1

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Brand: AMO

1 x 100mL

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Total Care 1 is only suitable for HARD and RIGID GAS PERMEABLE contact lenses

Although rigid contact lenses are getting rarer and rarer, there are still hundreds of thousands of people in the world who use them, and with great satisfaction. A rigid lens requires particular attention, as it is not disposable, so its attachment to its owner is stronger. This type of lens is hard to be kept clean and sterile, but the Total Care 1 solution is developed especially for this purpose. Disinfection and cleaning are just two of the main features this solution provides, while its price is surprisingly low for a product of its quality.

Don’t forget that rigid lenses are a little bit like a pet, they have to be kept well, clean and tidy in order to behave well, and you can be sure that this solution gives you the effect you need.

1 x 100mL