FreshLook contact lenses

Contact lenses aren’t purely for vision correction; with coloured contact lenses, your eyes can become your most spectacular accessory. FreshLook contact lenses make changing the colour of your eyes a fashionable, easy and healthy experience.

Purchase FreshLook contact lenses from Lenses Online New Zealand for the best value and range around and the convenience of your contact lenses being delivered directly to your doorstep. Please take a look at some of our range of FreshLook contact lenses below:

FreshLook Colors

For vivid, bold and beautiful eyes that will really make a statement at your next special occasion, look no further than the FreshLook Colors range of soft contact lenses. Available in both prescription and purely cosmetic lenses, FreshLook colors lenses are the easy and fun way suitable for everyone to change the look of their natural eye colour.

FreshLook ColorBlends

FreshLook ColorBlends give you the chance to change your eye colour day by day in one easy step. These super comfortable FreshLook lenses offer all the benefits of wearing prescription contact lenses, such as great comfort and healthy protection for your eyes, without the possible health dangers that wearing non-optometrist approved contact lenses can present.

FreshLook Dimensions

FreshLook Dimensions are the perfect natural enhancing partner for your eyes, making your eyes appear bigger and brighter without completely changing your natural colour. The unique starburst pattern blends seamlessly, giving you a flawless finish and adding a little something extra to your daily style.

Freshlook ONE-DAY

FreshLook ONE-DAY contact lenses are perfect for special, once off occasions where you want to change your eye colour and really make an impression. These super comfortable 1-day wear lenses offer you all the benefits of FreshLook contacts in a super convenient daily wear package.

If you have any further questions about the FreshLook range of contact lenses please contact our friendly customer service team. We welcome all inquiries and can’t wait to hear from you!