Lens Plus contact lenses (saline solution)

The Lens Plus saline solution range for contact lenses offers gentle cleaning as part of your daily contact lens care routine. Lens Plus saline solution is preservative free and can be used with both soft and RGP contact lenses, making it a great choice for people after a gentle, multipurpose cleaning solution.

Purchase Lens Plus saline solution from Lenses Online New Zealand today for great value delivered directly to your doorstep. Here are some other great features of the Lens Plus range of contact lens saline solutions:

  • Lens Plus OcuPure Saline solution is specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive eyes, mimicking the natural action of tears as it dissolves.
  • Suitable for both soft and rigid contact lenses
  • Preservative free

If you have any further questions about Lens Plus saline solution products please contact our friendly customer service team.

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