PureVision Contact Lenses (by Bausch + Lomb)

PureVision has a large range of superior contact lenses available, so there is sure to be one to suit your personal needs.

The PureVision 2 lenses come in a variety of types, such as:

  • PureVision 2 Multi-Focal for presbyopia – continuous wear contact lenses which allow you to focus on screens such as tablets or phones for extended periods of time without strain. They have rounded edges and are very thin, which offers extreme comfort.
  • PureVision Toric – these PureVision lenses offer people with Astigmatism the opportunity to experience clear vision without glasses. These PureVision lenses are suited for extended wear, and the ‘AerGel’ technology allows oxygen to pass through to the eyes, which translates to a more comfortable experience wearing a PureVision lens.
  • PureVision 2 For Astigmatism – These PureVision contact lenses offer a unique Auto Align feature, keeping the lens stable and vision clear.

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