Renu Contact Lenses

Renu by Bausch + Lomb offer a wide range of contact lens solutions to help maintain the quality of the contact lens, as well as enhance comfort and keep the lenses sanitary. The Renu lens fluids are scientifically proven to help maintain eye health and disinfect the eyes, making them an ideal choice for people with sensitive eyes.

Here at Lenses Online New Zealand, we stock a wide range of Renu contact lens solutions which can be delivered to your doorstep for your convenience! Some of the different types of Renu lenses fluid available for purchase are:

  • Renu Fresh Value Pack Multi-purpose solution, which is proven to eliminate germs and protein build up, as well as clean the lens, which maintains clear vision through the lenses, as well as keeping the eye underneath healthy.
  • Renu Sensitive Multi-purpose Solution Duo Pack provides all of the benefits of the regular multi-purpose solution, but helps disinfect the eye, making it ideal for wear for people with allergies.

If you have any questions about the Renu lens fluid range, please feel free to seek professional advice from our friendly customer support team here at Lenses Online New Zealand.