Revitalens Contact Lenses

Revitalens OcuTec lens fluid is the ultimate in lens cleaning and maintenance, offering a clean and sterile lens after every treatment.

Here at Lenses Online New Zealand we provide high quality contact lens fluids to make life more clear and comfortable, and we deliver right to your doorstep for your convenience.

Designed specifically for soft lenses, the Revitalens lens fluid removes protein build up and cleans the lens, offering a crisp, clear image as well as outstanding comfort. The Revitalens contact lens fluid also disinfects the contact lens, helping to prevent irritation and infections in the eye, making it the ideal choice for patients with sensitive eyes.

Studies have proven that patients using the Revitalens contact lenses fluids contact lenses were more sterile than contact lenses which had been treated with competitors contact lens solutions. Also, there was a significantly lower percentage of complications and reactions with Revitalens lenses fluid compared with other brands of contact fluid.

If there are any enquiries regarding the Revitalens OcuTec contact lens fluid, do not hesitate tyo contact our friendly customer service team for professional advice.