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Bion Tears

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Brand: Alcon Ciba Vision

28 x 0.4mL Capsules

Do you suffer from dry eye continually throughout the day?

Then Bion® Tears Lubricant Eye Drops are for you. Bion®Tears temporarily relieves the burning and irritation associated with dry eye. Because it is formulated to mimic the composition of human tears, Bion® Tears helps restore the eye to its natural environment, making it one of the most effective artificial tears solutions you can buy.

For effective dry eye protection, day after day

Bion® Tears is especially formulated and packaged for severe dry eye. Unlike other dry eye formulations, Bion® Tears contains zinc and bicarbonate, two essential components of natural tears. You can use Bion® Tears as often as you need because there are absolutely no preservatives to cause concern or discomfort.

People with Sjogren's syndrome (a disease that causes very severe, uncomfortable dry eye) prefer Bion® Tears over four other brands of artificial tears. Bion® Tears are preferred by professionals, too.

28 x 0.4mL Capsules