Technology Behind Comfort: Dailies Total 1 vs. Dailies AquaComfort Plus

24th May 2024

Dailies Total 1 vs. Dailies AquaComfort Plus

Dailies Total 1 and Dailies AquaComfort Plus are premium contact lenses from Alcon, each representing significant advancements in contact lens technology. This article will explore key aspects of these lenses, highlighting the innovations behind Dailies AquaComfort Plus and Dailies Total 1 in terms of comfort, technology and cost.

Technology behind comfort

Dailies Total 1

Water Gradient Technology—The core has an approximately 33% water content, which increases to nearly 100% at the surface, creating an extremely slick and soothing feel on the eye. This ensures a stable, durable contact lens with a highly hydrated surface for exceptional comfort and management of dry eye symptoms.

According to an Optometrist review from Review of Optometric Business, patients often exclaim, "Wow, I don’t feel it," "They feel silky," or "I can’t tell I have them on" upon inserting DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses.

And due to its material properties and design, Dailies Total1 contact lenses have also been noted for superior visual acuity and comfort over a day's wear compared to other contact lens brands.

While every contact lens has its benefits, there are also some drawbacks. Dr. Eye Guy praised Dailies Total 1 as one of the best lenses for dry eyes, but its unique design can make insertion and removal a bit tricky.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus

Triple-Action Moisture SystemTechnology - These daily contact lenses offer a triple-action moisture system with a hydrophilic (water-attracting) surface, blink-activated moisture release, and a lubricating agent.

The Blink-Activated Moisture technology releases moisture with every blink, which not only provides long-lasting comfort but also reduces symptoms like eye irritation, dryness, and blurry vision.

“I explain to patients that the nice thing about DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® material is that it releases moisture with every blink, which can help to create a smooth ocular surface for better vision and comfort.” Optometrist April L. Jasper said.

One of our customers, Max L. from Northland, New Zealand, shared his experience with Dailies Total 1: "Excellent lenses. Very comfortable to the point I even forget I have them in."

Another customer, Marilou H. from Auckland, New Zealand - "I hadn't used this brand of disposable daily lenses before, and now I'm a total convert! They are light, easy to use, great value, and well-packaged. Everything I want."


Dailies Total 1 contacts are made of silicone hydrogel (newer lens material) and have a Dk/t of 156, while Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus contact lenses are hydrogel-based (old lens material) and have a Dk/t of 26, sufficient for daily wear but lower than Dailies Total 1. This means that Dailies Total 1 passes more oxygen through the lens material to your eyes and is more breathable than Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus. This is an important factor to consider if you are prone to dry or sensitive eyes and extended wear. Based on clinical studies, silicone hydrogel-based contact lenses are proven to be more breathable than hydrogen ones.


Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus—30 pack, costs $37.95 / $1.25 per lens

Dailies Total 1 - 30 pack, costs $55.95 / $1.86 per lens

Compared to other silicone hydrogel lenses, Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus is still relatively cheaper.

But as with any type of contact lens, always take your budget and lens feature benefits into consideration before buying.

Final Verdict

Both daily contact lenses offer exceptional comfort and health benefits, but your choice should align with your needs and lifestyle. Consulting with an optometrist can further help you decide which lens is the best fit for your vision and comfort requirements.

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