16th Sep 2019

Since the weather starts to increase, heading out for a run unexpectedly seems a lot more interesting idea. When you put on contact lenses or glasses, it can be a little perplexing to know exactly what the right way is. To help you out, the following are the top running tips for contact lens wearers

  • You can run in your contact lenses

The fact is that the majority of runners with weak vision have a tendency to put on contact lenses. Frequently glasses can get in the way, results in discomfort and blockade your vision. It is not much enjoyable constantly readjusting your glasses as they fall down your nose, which makes contact lenses leave you completely concentrate on running. If you are out operating on an uneven surface such as a dirt path, having entirely clear vision is crucial to make certain you prevent stumbling up upon a loose stone or just about any other possible hazards.

  • Ease yourself in if you are new runners

If you have just recently gotten started on running, it is relatively easy to be overly enthusiastic. However, if you are too excited, you may have a personal injury, so that it’s essential to channel that excitement properly! In the event that you haven’t run before, or simply just for some time, it's a great idea to carefully ease yourself into the routine. Establish yourself realistic goals and focus on small improvements week by week, allowing for a lot of rest. It's far better to attempt to run twice per week rather than running all week and then beginning to feel burnt out, or becoming injured, for the next couple of weeks. It is also better to warm up with several minutes of fast walking, before moving to a slowly run before you get to maximum speed. Complete with a 5-minute cool off where you slow down to a jog and then to walking tempo.

  • Wear the appropriate contact lenses

Many runners that wear contact lenses have a tendency to go for daily contacts. This can be because they normally put on glasses and simply use lenses for sporting events. Runners can appreciate clearer sight when opting for daily contacts. Soft contacts are also very ideal for runners who may be sweating excessively since they can stop the sweat from sliding down into the eye and leading to a distressing sting Lastly, you must wear what is actually most comfortable and it is worth asking your optician if you are uncertain.

  • Avoid water in your eyes while wearing contact lenses

When putting on contact lenses, it is crucial not to let any water get inside your eyes. Water may cause your contact lenses to be dislodged, leading to unclear vision as well as vexation. Your lenses might also need oxygen. If they are lacking in oxygen, it can result in infection. When you are going into the water for any part of your exercise, you are suggested putting on a well-fitted set of goggles to avoid any water from getting in, and to toss the lenses away the moment you have finished

  • If you’re entering a race, enjoy yourself

For first-timers, it can be quite nerve-racking preparing for a race. However, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is to enjoy yourself. By simply participating and running, you are accomplishing something, so there is no need to be concerned. Simply have fun and do not be worried to push yourself a little, but do not over do it; participating and exercising is what truly matters.