Buying contact lenses online.

21st May 2015

Buying contact lenses online is so easy! Thanks to technology – and the Internet we can practically buy everything online from clothes and food to books and garden supplies – so why not be able to buy contact lenses online also? Buying contact lenses online from Lenses Online is fast, simple and convenient.

Before buying contact lenses online you’ll need to visit your ophthalmologist and have your eyes checked so you can receive a prescription, once you have that you can use your prescription when ordering your contact lenses online. It is important you have a proper and current prescription so the lenses you buy will help your vision – not hinder it. Lenses Online sell all the major brands including - Alcon Ciba Vision Contact Lenses, Bausch and Lomb, Coopervision, Johnson and Johnson Contact Lenses.

Lenses Online have all your contact lens needs covered with a range of brands and styles - daily lenses, fortnightly lenses, monthly lenses, Toric Lenses, multi Focal lenses, coloured lenses and contact lenses for astigmatism. Lenses Online also stock and supply a range of contact lens cleaning solutions and solutions for dry eyes.

Lenses Online has an easy to use website with all information to be found on the home page, lenses and cleaning solutions each have their own sections to make shopping a breeze. The website is so easy to navigate, set up an account, shop and buy, with overnight delivery on some orders available and free shipping on orders totaling $100 in urban areas or $200 in rural areas why would you buy your contact lenses online from anyone else?

Lenses Online also have gift certificates available – this is a great way to help someone out if they are struggling to replace their lenses, and the re-order page makes life simple, as your order often won’t change this saves all your details and purchases making re-ordering not only simple but so much faster. Buying contact lenses online from Lenses Online makes perfect sense; it’s fast and convenient – so set up your account today!