Buying your contacts online

8th Jul 2015

Often buying contact lenses online saves you money and saves you time, it’s fast and convenient. You don’t have to run around from store to store, you certainly don’t have to shop to store opening times and you don’t even have to get dressed and leave the house. Online contact lenses when purchased from Lenses Online are a process that is fast and secure. Lenses Online sell all the popular and big name brands - Alcon Ciba, Bausch and Lob, Coopervision, AMO and Johnson & Johnson.

To buy online contact lenses you need to have a current – up-to-date prescription, in general the very first pair of contact lenses you will buy will be from your optometrist, this way the lenses can be checked to make sure they work and feel comfortable to wear. After this you are free to buy your contact lenses wherever you want.

Now you have your contacts head over to the Lenses Online website and make an account and log into the site. Log into your account and simply follow the ordering instructions, all the specifications of your contact lens you can copy straight off your prescription – most of this information is simply the size and power of the lens you need. Fill in your personal contact details and make your payment.

It really isn’t easier than that.

The Lenses Online website has a safe and secure checkout system in place that is Geo-Trust secured. Once your order is placed, you will receive confirmation of your payment, with free overnight delivery available on selected products. Once you have an account set up re-ordering contacts is a breeze with all your information stored there is no need to re-enter all your details time and time again.

Ordering online contact lenses is a breeze at Lenses Online – buying online allows you to skip a lot of hassles and trouble, you can save money, save time and have your contact lenses delivered right to your door.