Caring for soft contact lenses

4th May 2015

These day there is a lot to think about if you wear or are considering wearing contact lenses, There are a range of different materials and types of lenses and different contact lens cleaning solutions on sale to go with your lenses, so, how do you know which one is best?

Did you know the very first contact lenses came out in 1801 in America the Optometric Association realised there was an increasing number of patients wanting contact lenses that by 1948 the fitting of contact lenses became a normal part of the optometry exam. By 1971 the soft lenses – that fitted the shape of the eye finally became available, and, with this came the need for a contact lens solution to care for lenses.

Today Lenses Online has a range of contact lens cleaning solutions available for sale to clean or remove grime, dust, lipids and proteins from the lens surface. These solutions are available in a tablet form, such as Oxysept 1 step – that comes with a free lens case or a liquid form like Biotrue Multi-purpose solution value pack. A multi-purpose solution is the most common form of contact lens solution used today and is available to purchase from Lenses Online. The contact lens cleaning solutions are convenient but are sometime misunderstood. Never confuse a multi-purpose contact lens solution with saline solution – this is only used to rinse or flush your lens or eyes and has no cleaning capabilities or disinfectant properties.

Lenses Online has different multipurpose contact lens cleaning solutions for different lens types. There are cleaners for ridged lenses and for soft lenses and for weekly and monthly disposable contact lenses. Daily disposable lenses do not need cleaning, but can be rinsed in a saline solution to make them easier to pop into or remove from your eye when you have finished wearing them for the day.

All contact lens cleaning solutions should always be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and remember handling and cleaning your lenses is part common sense as well as following cleaning instructions.