Choosing the right style of contact lenses for you

13th Oct 2014

Just like glasses contact lenses are designed to both protect your eye and correct your vision. Some people find wearing glasses annoying and they prefer to visit Lenses Online to purchase their lenses via the internet rather than through a store. To buy contact lenses online is simple and easy, fast and convenient. There are different contact lenses available but to find the one that is right to correct your vision, you will need to have an eye sight check done at your local opticians. He or she will be able to diagnose any problems and provide a *prescription* so the contact lens will be able to correct your vision. There are 2 styles of lens – a hard lens and a soft or more flexible lens, there are also disposable lenses available.

If you want to buy contact lenses online it’s a good idea to note the difference between a soft and a hard lens – the hard lens is often made from glass and is made to correct a vision problem or for reading. The soft lens is quite comfortable to wear and many people won’t even notice that you are wearing a contact lens, often made of plastic but higher quality they are usually used in coloured contact lenses. It is quite easy to buy contact lenses on line that are coloured.

There is a new *player* in town the silicon contact lens that is perfect for those with dry eyes. Some people don’t like to buy contact lenses online as they suffer from uncomfortable and dry eyes. The material that is used in silicon contact lenses has been especially made for those with dry eyes using a high oxygen content that is great for the cornea and thanks to the high oxygen content you won’t feel the same discomfort and you’ll actually be able to see even clearer! If you do suffer from dry eyes check with your optometrist first they will be able to help with choosing the right contact for you or suggest a contact lens drop that may be able to help.