Contact Lenses for children

28th Oct 2014

Most people think the same thing when they think about contact lenses online NZ, contact lenses are only for adults, but they aren’t. Contact lenses are perfectly safe for children to wear. Of course while children can wear contact lenses you will need to find out if that is the right option for your child. There are – as with anything – advantages and disadvantages to wearing contact lenses.

If your child has vision issues then contact lenses can be both comfortable to wear, enhance your child’s vision, and might be the answer if your child is being taunted at school for wearing glasses. Contact lenses online NZ provide the same options for children as for adults including extended wear lenses, disposable lenses and daily wear lenses. For children who play sport contact lenses may be a more comfortable option than glasses which can become dangerous while playing some sports or can be damaged – and quite expensive to replace.

Contact lenses online NZ for children can help lift your child’s self-esteem and confidence if they are being teased by other children just because they are *different* and for young children it’s very easy to be hurt by name calling, teasing or taunts. You do need to consider the age or maturity level of your child as wearing contact lenses does require some responsibilities and you need to be sure your child is able to carry this out – it includes being able to care for the contact properly in order to keep their eyes healthy. If your child is pretty responsible and is good around the house then they should be able to care for their contact lenses the right way.

Some parents still want or insist their child has contact lenses and if your child is not able to care for the contact lenses in the right way it will be up to you to make sure the lenses are well maintained and cleaned. If contact lenses are not cared for correctly it can lead to eye issues. Remember some children are good candidates for contact lenses and others aren’t.