Daily contact lenses are kind to your eyes

9th Mar 2015

It’s important when you wear contacts you chose the right lenses for your eyes. You might notice a lot of people wearing a daily disposable contact lens and if you have ever wondered *why* read on....

  • With a daily disposable contact lens you don’t need to clean lenses anymore. You can just throw the lens into the bin – no more having to clean and store your lenses every day. This also saves you money – no more having to buy saline solutions or cleaning products.
  • As you are no longer cleaning a contact lens there is less chance of any *irritants* getting into your eye which also lessens the risk or chances of getting an eye infection. Disposable contact lenses – available for sale at Lenses Online eliminate the chances of oil, dirt, hair etc getting onto the lens during the cleaning process.
  • Anyone who has worn contact lenses in the past will know the difference between wearing a new lens and an old lens. By using a daily disposable contact lens it will feel like you are wearing a brand new lens every day.
  • Daily disposable contact lenses are usually thinner than a regular contact lens so with a bit less lens in your eye you won’t feel the lens as much. Normal contact lenses are often visible in the eye but daily lenses are so thin people will hardly notice you wearing them.
  • If you are a sportsperson – you will love daily contact lenses! You can pop in a new pair before you play and if you lose a lens you can simply replace it without having to miss out on the end of the game.
  • If you have been wearing contact lenses for a while you’ll know how gentle you have to be with them as they can get torn or lost and while you can order replacement lenses from Lenses Online they take time to arrive. With dailies you always have spare lenses by your side.
  • If you travel a lot – dailies are the perfect travelling companion.