Different Types of Contact Lenses

5th Jul 2016

Glasses aren’t something that most people like to wear. They frame your view, can get smudgy very easily and they can also fall off accidentally at times. It’s why many people eventually transition to wearing contact lenses. You don’t have to be concerned about them when you are involved in any activities and you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty and smudgy either.

Those who have never used contact lenses do have qualms about using them; but these fears are unfounded as contact lenses are specially designed to be worn directly on the iris and they will not harm your eyes in any way. We at Lenses Online have a variety of lenses that you can choose from, such as:

Soft lenses –These are specifically designed with the comfort factor in mind; they are made of a very soft and pliable hydrophilic plastic called hydrogel. Their high water content is what makes these lenses very comfortable to wear. They are able to retain almost 38-75% water, based on the lens quality. This water content allows your corneas to receive a good supply of oxygen, which ensures that they stay healthy. The lenses vary in water content, thickness as well as size and they are perfect for extended wear. People that work in challenging environments or even in offices for extended hours can benefit from using these lenses.

Rigid Gas Permeable LensesThis isn’t a very commonly used type of lens. These are rigid and most wearers find these to be very uncomfortable. However, these are gas permeable lenses and they permit oxygen to reach the cornea. They have very microscopic holes in them; and are typically divided into 5 categories based on their level of permeability. It’s also why these lenses can be worn overnight as well; and their integrity doesn’t depend on the amount of water content they have. However, most people still prefer to use daily contact lenses, as these provide higher comfort levels.

Hybrid Contact lensesThese are the mean point of the other 2 types of lenses. The central optical zone in them is made of RGP material and the outer zone along the periphery is made of hydrogel. Since this is a considerably new entrant in the market, people are still a little wary about trying these out.

High quality lenses

Regardless of the contact lenses you buy, it’s important that you buy good contact lens solution to clean and store them in. This will ensure your lenses stay in a good condition for a very long time to come. You should always buy your prescription lenses/coloured lenses from a well-established company. Lenses Online has all the different lens brands and you are sure to get the kind of lenses you want here. For all types of fortnightly lenses, Toric contact lenses, daily disposable lenses etc, just visit our online store. We sell only genuine products and this ensures you get the best products at the best pricing.