Disposable Contact Lenses in New Zealand

31st Oct 2013

Contact lenses are a major convenience for many people, allowing them to see clearly and correct their vision problems without needing to wear glasses. Dispensing with glasses can potentially add to your comfort (since you will not have the pressure of these devices on the bridge of your nose and the backs of your ears), convenience (you will have no glasses to forget when you go out, or lose), and self-image (since you can dispense with glasses entirely).

Our firm, Lenses Online offers you a huge selection of disposable contact lenses in New Zealand, made to the highest medical technology standards. Disposable contact lenses have several advantages over the longer-wearing types, which make them even more comfortable to use, and healthier as well. Since they are disposed of at regular intervals – anywhere from a single day to four weeks, with multi-day or two week contact lenses being most common – there is less risk of protein and other ocular biochemicals building up on them and causing problems. 

Changing the contact lenses entirely also lessens the chance of an allergic reaction, since fresh lenses are applied frequently. If you have an allergy to this type of vision correction, then disposable contact lenses may well allow you to dispense with your glasses and return to contact lens use again.

Since disposable contact lenses do not need to survive for a long period of wear and tear, they can be made softer than long-term contact lenses. This means that there is less chance of them accidentally scratching your cornea when you put them in or take them out. Furthermore, they can be made with a very high water content, which allows even more oxygen to reach your eye and keep its surface healthy and bacterium-free.


Regardless of whether you need contact lenses that are changed daily or those which are disposed of monthly, or anything in between, you can find a full, professionally selected and offered array of them at Lenses Online, marking our dedication to be New Zealand's premier source for high quality contact lenses.