Do you find contact lenses uncomfortable?

21st Nov 2014

Some people just can’t get use to contact lenses so they give up wearing them. If you have given up because they feel uncomfortable then read on - there are a few things you can do to help make your lenses feel more comfortable.

  • Do your eyes feel dry? It could be more down to dehydration than anything else – how much water do you drink a day? Not juice, tea, coffee or soft drink but water. Try and drink more water not only is it good for you but if you are looking at a monitor all day your eyes will be drier than they should be simply because those who look at a computer screen blink less often. Try closing your eyes for a few seconds at regular times during the day.
  • You can always ask your ophthalmologist if silicon-hydro gel lenses would help, you can buy this style of contact lenses online and they don’t block air flow to your eyes as much as ordinary lenses do. Eye drops are also useful but don’t use eye drops all the time. Use them only when your eyes feel very dry.
  • You feel the lens on your eye – Good quality contact lenses should be fitted to your eye so it feels like there is nothing there. Are you in a dusty or smoky environment? Do you smoke? It could be those tiny particles that are causing discomfort by getting under the lens. Where possible avoid smoky and dusty areas. Make sure you clean your lenses every day and replace them when needed. Proteins from your eye can build up on your lens overtime if not kept clean.

You can also buy contact lenses online that are disposed of each day – they don’t need any care at all and won’t have any protein build-up from wearing them. These are great for anyone who spends their days in a dusty environment.

  • Your eyes are red, irritated or swollen – this could be a sign of a serious problem, take your lenses out immediately and see your ophthalmologist as soon as possible.