Extended wear contact lenses – good or bad?

22nd May 2015

If you are one of those people who wear contact lenses, but hates having to take them out, clean them, store them, and put them back in the next day – the good news is there are extended wear contact lenses available to buy online. You can wear extended wear lenses for many days without dealing with the issues above – but are they safe for you?

When buying extended contact lenses online you’ll find that they aren’t as expensive as you might think and can be cheaper than disposable contact lenses or weekly contact lenses. You may find that in the end extended wear contact lenses online work out cheaper for you – after all you don’t need to buy any contact lens cleaning solutions for them.

Contact lenses you wear daily are to be taken out of a night – why? – You need to remove contact lenses as the lens actually blocks the flow of oxygen to your cornea so your eye needs a *rest* from the lens. Thankfully contact lens manufacturers have been trying to sort that issue out – so contact lens wearers don’t have the problem of inserting and removing their contact lenses every day.

Thanks to modern technology today contact lenses now allow around 6 times as much oxygen through the lens then contact lenses in the past. The new extended wear contact lenses you can buy online are made of extra-permeable silicone hydrogel which allows the contact to let in more oxygen. This means it’s no longer a problem for you to wear a contact lens for several days in a row.

While this is great, there are some rules you still need to follow – as you are not cleaning the contact lenses every day particles of dust can still build up so you need to –

  • Keep water out of your eyes when you shower and wear goggles if you are swimming
  • Avoid cigarette smoke and dusty rooms
  • Wear the contact lenses for only as long as they are meant to be worn.

Lenses online have all your contact lens and cleaning solution needs covered.