Extended wear lenses for bright mornings

29th Jan 2014

While many people enjoy the convenience of daily contact lenses, some of us would rather wake up to a world that we are able to see clearly. Although early extended wear lenses did run into problems with eye irritation and infection, the advanced products sold through Lenses Online will provide you with safe and comfortable contact lenses. The new lenses are able to deliver more oxygen to the cornea than was previously possible, so you will now be able to wear your contact lenses for a week, two weeks, or even a month.

Being able to wear your contact lenses for a whole month without having to remove or clean them is no longer a dream and CooperVision can provide you with safe lenses that you can depend on. For those who need standard vision correction lenses, Biofinity lenses will give you everything you need in an extended wear contact lens. Comfort, as well as safety, has been the highest priority and you will find that these Aquaform lenses provide both. Each box contains 6 lenses for a 3 month supply.

If you suffer from astigmatism, CooperVision also has extended wear lenses available for you. You can choose between Frequency EXCEL Toric or Biofinity “Toric”, which provide for high oxygen transmission to maintain your eye health. Oxygen is the key to keeping the cornea in good shape, and this is precisely what these lenses do.

Ciba Vision is another line carried by Lenses Online that can provide you with effective and safe to use extended wear contacts. Extended wear contact lenses must not only be safe, they must also be comfortable to allow you to sleep while wearing them. Very breathable lenses by Ciba Vision that are exceedingly comfortable to wear are Air Optix lenses. These lenses are meant to be worn for a maximum of 6 nights, and then must be removed and replaced. When you want a longer period of wear from Ciba Vision, look into Focus NIGHT & DAY, which will give you 30 days and nights of carefree wear before a new pair is required.


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