How often should I replace my contact lenses?

15th Dec 2014

If you wear contact lenses and you are new to them you are probably wondering how often you need to change your lenses. These days you can buy contact lenses online and disposable contacts are a good choice when it comes to needing to buy new contact lenses. The great thing about disposable contact lenses is they are relatively inexpensive compared to other lens options available.

Normally you would look at replacing your disposable contact lenses online as per the recommended replacement times for your particular lenses, this could be daily for daily disposable lenses, weekly for the fortnightly lenses or monthly for the monthly disposable lenses. While some lens wearers still opt for a *hard* lens the soft lenses still remain a very popular choice. Hard lenses don’t need to be replaced as often as they are made from a stronger plastic and give the wearer more durable quality. If you care for and clean your hard contact lenses properly they can last for as long as 2 years, of course if your prescription changes, the lenses get damaged or contaminated you will still need to replace them immediately.

Soft lenses are more comfortable to wear and wearers – especially those wearing contacts for the first time find them far more comfortable to wear – they are easier to get use to and are cheaper to replace. One of the main reasons you need to replace your lenses regularly is to prevent any eye infections and the type of contact lenses online you buy dictates when they should be replaced.

Cleaning solutions are a great way to maintain eye health, but, over time the natural residue from your eye can still make contact lenses uncomfortable to wear. Natural substances produced by your body – proteins, calcium, lipids and bacteria can lead to eye infections if contacts aren’t replaced regularly. Lenses Online have all your cleaning solution needs covered.

You may need to replace your contact lenses online a little more regularly if your eyes naturally produce excessive amounts of lipids and proteins. If you would rather the convenience of ordering your replacement lenses online it’s easy, simple and fast, just contact Lenses Online today.