How to buy the right continuous wear contact lenses?

31st Oct 2013

For the most part, continuous wear contact lenses have been superseded by shorter-term, disposable contact lenses. Disposable lenses offer several advantages, including the fact that they can be made softer and more oxygen permeable than their continuous wear counterparts, thus ensuring greater comfort for the wearer. Their rapid lifespan means they usually do not need lubricants or solutions, since they are disposed of daily or after only a brief amount of time, preventing the accumulation of protein and other substances that can trigger allergic reactions or infections.

However, if you have been prescribed continuous wear contact lenses because of the unique circumstances of your ocular health, Lenses Online, our company a fully accredited New Zealand firm found online at has the supplies you need as well.

The PureVision contact lenses we stock meet all modern standards of medical excellence. These silicone hydrogel contact lenses come in a pack of six and are specifically designed for continuous wearing. Unlike older continuous wear contact lenses, these are made out of a soft substance to make wearing them a more pleasant experience than if they were hard and rigid. However, you should also make use of the standard accessory solution and lubricants, which our website also supplies.

Buying continuous wear contact lenses online in New Zealand is a straightforward, easy task when you make use of our website. As with all other contact lenses we sell, the continuous use models have been chosen for their quality and authenticated for your protection.


Ordering is simple choose the lenses you need, using the drop-down menus on the product page to indicate the power for the right and left eyes individually, then enter your prescription information and place your order. The lenses will be delivered to your door the next day, completing the quick, smooth, eminently practical and affordable process of buying continuous wear contact lenses online.