Is there any set age to start wearing contact lenses?

23rd Mar 2015

For millions of people all around the world wearing contact lenses has become a popular way to improve their sight. A contact lens is a thin disc that is transparent (though you can buy coloured/tinted lenses) that you insert onto your eye with the lens shaped to improve the wearer’s sight with it fitting to the edge of the cornea. The most common lens is a soft lens but you can still buy hard or rigid lenses. These days with more and more people wearing contact lenses among the questions asked by those wearing contact is – is there any set age limit to wearing contacts?

Contacts available from Lenses Online are a very safe and effective way to correct a person’s vision and there is no *age limit* to wearing contacts, in fact even toddlers can be fitted with extended wear lenses. For premature children contacts have been used to help if they are at risk from blindness due to an underdeveloped retina at birth. Usually it is around the age of 9 that children can wear contact lenses and be capable of caring for, cleaning and maintaining the lenses.

Contacts – especially the hard or rigid lenses help slow down the deterioration of the eye and as soon as the need for vision correction is detected contact lenses can be offered as an option. With proper care contact lens can be worn by toddlers, young children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

Today’s contact lenses have been designed to be comfortable and thanks to advancements made for measuring the eye lenses fit well. If lenses get dirty or build up proteins they can become uncomfortable to wear so it is extremely important that you take care of your lenses properly.

You can chose from a wide range of lenses including daily contact lenses, fortnightly lenses, monthly lenses, Toric, multi focal and coloured contact lenses – all these styles are available to buy from Lenses Online. Many people prefer wearing contacts as they don’t fog up or slide down your nose like glasses do and are perfect for those who play a lot of sport.