Keeping contact lens cases clean

30th Apr 2015

If you wear contact lenses you need to not only clean them regularly but you also need to store them in a safe and hygienic place. If you don’t take the time to care for your contact lens properly you run the risk of giving yourself an eye infection – some of which can be very nasty.

Don’t just rinse your contact lens in tap water and always remove your contact lenses regularly so any chances of getting an infection can be stopped – simply by cleaning your contact lens – and cleaning it properly. Lenses Online have a range of contact lens cleaning products – so there is no excuse not to care for your lens properly. One of the most important parts of contact lens care is how you store the lenses when you aren’t wearing them.

You should ALWAYS store your contacts in a contact lens case that has been designed to care for your lenses and then fill the case with the cleaning lens solution that you use to clean the lens. Make sure you always close the contact lens case each time you use it, this will help prevent unwanted bacteria entering the case and possibly contaminating your contact lens. Remember too that the case will need regular cleaning also so it’s a good idea to clean the case when you clean your lens.

Don’t get into that mind-set that contact lenses (some can be purchased through Lenses Online) in general are becoming cheaper so it’s okay not to give them the proper care that can be a costly mistake to make. When you buy your contact lens through Lenses Online why not consider buying a good quality case to go along with your lens.

Contact lens cases are available whenever you buy contact lens solutions. Always buy a good quality case so you won’t have any problems, cases now have become as *trendy* as wearing contact lenses and you can buy cases in different colours and designs – if you wear coloured contact lenses it gives you the option of being able to buy a case that matches your lens.