Keeping your contact lenses clean

13th Feb 2015

Contact lenses can be a great alternative to wearing glasses, however you need to maintain a good cleaning routine for your contact lens. If you keep your contact lenses clean your lenses will remain comfortable to wear while protecting your eyes. You can buy good quality contact lens from Lenses Online and remember to keep your lenses clean always wash your hands BEFORE you apply, remove, store or handle your contacts. Use mild soap and warm water to wash your hands and using a lint free towel will ensure that your hands are free from any debris or bacteria which will help keep your contact lens clean.

Every day you come in contact with bacteria – that could possibly cause problems if you wear contact lenses so you need to be sure your hands are clean before you handle your contact lens. Use only proper lens cleaning solutions that are compatible with the lenses you are wearing – Lenses Online will be able to help with your contact lens cleaning needs.

Remember that a saline solution is only intended to rinse or store your contact lens in while a multipurpose cleaner is designed to clean and disinfect the lens. A saline solution is cheaper but you need to use a proper all purpose cleaner to get the best from your contact lenses.

Keep to a daily cleaning routine – while sometimes it’s hard to keep up with a set daily cleaning routine if your day is hectic or busy – you need to remember that proper care and cleaning of your contact lens is important for your eye health. If you want your contact lens to stay clean and comfortable you need to follow your care routine and with most cleaners available in an all-in-one solution it’s easy to keep to your cleaning regime no matter how busy your day gets.

Replace your contact lens case regularly – while you might stick to a very good cleaning routine you also need to replace the case at least every 3 to 6 months. Lenses Online have all your contact lens cleaning needs available to purchase from the convenience of your own home.