7th Sep 2020


There are several contact lens brands and dozens of product options available in the market today. This can make finding the right lens tricky, especially for people with sensitive eyes and glass-wearers that have never tried contacts before. Alcon seeks to address this problem with its PRECISION 1lenses. These lenses are specifically designed for new wearers and offer a wide range of benefits.

About PRECISION 1 Contact Lenses

PRECISION 1 contacts are daily disposable lenses designed for superior comfort and visual clarity. The lenses are made from silicone hydrogel, which has high moisture retention and good oxygen permeability. Here’s a look at some of this product’s biggest benefits:

  • Comfortable for All-Day Wear – These contacts are designed for all-day wear. You can put them on in the morning and remove them just before heading to bed without feeling any discomfort.

  • SMARTSURFACE Technology – Alcon’s SMARTSURFACEtechnology ensures there’s always a thin layer of moisture on the lens surface. The layer is composed of 80% water, which means your new contacts will have more water than most other products available in the market.

  • Easy Handling – This product is developed for new and inexperienced lens wearers. They are easy to place on the eye and remove, which means people don’t have to deal with a long adjustment period. They become accustomed to the lenses quickly.

  • Suitable For An Active Lifestyle – Do you like to play sports, run, dance, or engage in other such physical activities? Wearing a good-quality lens can improve your performance during these activities as you won’t have to deal with glasses getting in the way at all times.

  • Innovative Materials – The PRECISION 1 lenses are made from innovative materials. They have excellent surface chemistry, which improves visual clarity and user comfort.

All of these benefits showcase just how beneficial these contact lenses can be for you. Visit an optometrist to get a prescription and give these contacts a shot.

Turning Glass Wearers to Lens Wearers

Alcon conducted in-depth research into the lens wearing habits of people in Australia and New Zealand. The research indicated that while most glass wearers want to get contacts, they are too intimidated to attempt such a change. Around 70% of the people who do get contacts stop wearing them within the first year, approximately 22% stopping within the first six months. Alcon’s survey revealed that people stopped wearing lenses because they were either too difficult to handle or too uncomfortable to wear.

PRECISION 1 is Alcon’s attempt to counteract these issues. Their lenses are developed using the latest technology and materials to deliver absolute comfort. They’re also easy to handle. As these products are daily disposables, you don’t need to worry about cleaning and storing them. Users can just discard the lens after every use and wear a fresh one every day.

Participants of a clinical trial gave PRECISION 1 9/10 and rated the product higher than other alternatives available in the market. They felt Alcon’s new lenses were more comfortable and provided better visual clarity. An in-vitro study also revealed that PRECISION 1 had better moisture break-up time than lenses from other brands.

If you are intimidated by lenses but want to experiment, try Alcon’s PRECISION 1. They’ll be a perfect introduction to the world of contacts.

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