The advantages of one day contact lenses

3rd Mar 2016

Daily, one day or disposable contact lenses have a number of benefits which means more people than ever can wear contacts that are far more comfortable than ever before. When wearing contact lenses to correct your vision you need to chose the correct lenses and to do this you need to work out what it is you want from one day lenses.

One day lenses do not need cleaning and as many of you will agree that is a HUGE benefit. There is no need to clean and store your contact lenses at the end of the day. With one day lenses, when you are finished with them you just throw them away, there is no need to buy contact lens cleaning products – which can work out to be quite expensive.

Throwing your daily contact lenses out each evening reduces the risk of foreign materials and bacteria’s getting onto your lenses, which would cause irritation to your eyes if you were wearing the same lenses again. It is the daily cleaning and storing of regular contact lenses that allows for oils, hair and dirt to attach itself to the lenses. Contact lens storage cases are also another place where dirt and bacteria can attach itself to your lenses as you continue to reuse them.

Daily contact lenses from Lenses Online allow you to have that brand new, clean lens experience every day! Anyone who wears contacts regularly will agree – it feels heavenly to insert a new and fresh lens into the eye. With one day lenses you can have that *heavenly* experience every day.

One day lenses available through Lenses Online are thinner; they are more comfortable to wear as there is less lens in your eye. For those bothered that people can still see they are wearing contact lenses will find that disposable contact lenses are not as noticeable.

And finally you don’t get that annoying *build up* of deposits on one day lenses – as you are throwing the lenses away each day you don’t have to worry about deposits accumulating on the lenses.