Tips for buying coloured contact lenses

30th Sep 2015

Coloured contact lenses are great – they can give you a new look just by changing the tint colour of your eye and you can buy a range of coloured contact lenses from Lenses Online safely and securely.

Firstly if you don’t already have a prescription, you will need to visit your ophthalmologist have your eyes checked and obtain a new prescription – especially if you are wearing these coloured contact lenses to correct a vision problem. If you just want the coloured contact lenses for cosmetic appeal and not to correct your vision you will still need to have your eyes measured.

Next you need to consider your options, what shade will suit you best? Changing the colour of your eye is one thing, but what colour do you want to change it to? For example those with brown or black eyes will need to ensure that the lighter coloured shades will completely mask or cover your eye colour, some lighter shades are hard to choose because they don’t always cover a darker eye colour, so you will need to keep this in mind.

Of course if you really want to go *out there* you can change your look from human to animal – from snake eyes to cats eyes, from your favourite colour to your favourite football teams, or even glow in the dark lenses. For those wanting a more sensible range of coloured contact lenses, Lenses Online has the range for you.

Coloured contacts can really change the way you look, they can be quite stunning and add a special vibrancy to your eyes, you can even purchase a range of different colours and wear whatever colour suits you that day – from your mood to the clothing you want to colour co-ordinate with. Coloured contact lenses from Lenses Online are a great fashion accessory.