Tips for comfortable contact lenses

1st Dec 2015

It’s amazing how some people wear the same contact lens for a year or more and wonder why it feels gritty, dry or misty – and don’t realise their lens was old and needed replacing. Thankfully these days are in the past with the advent of daily contact lenses you can buy online through Lenses Online.

Today Lenses Online are happy to share some tips on how you can get the most from the contact lenses you buy online – be it daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly lenses

Before you buy contact lenses online – always visit your ophthalmologist first. Let them know the type of environment you work in (a warm environment, an air-conditioned environment, etc) this will help your eye Doctor chose the right contact lens for you.

If you are wearing re-usable contact lenses, always use the correct lens cleaning solution as prescribed by your eye DR and don’t mix or swap brands. Not all lens cleaning solutions suit every contact lens brand – always buy the right solution for the right lenses.

Don’t *over-wear* your contact lens, we don’t mean wearing your daily contact lens overnight but the actual *use time* - don’t wear your daily wear lens for 2 days, and don’t try and get an extra day from your monthly contact lenses. Daily, monthly, fortnightly lenses – they are called this for a reason.

Have you tried using *comfort eye drops* dry eye drops or eye lid wipes to help maintain the moisture level of your contact lens? This is a perfect way for you to keep your contact lenses feeling clear, comfortable and great to wear. Always make sure before you use any dry eye drops that they are suitable for use with contact lenses.

If you have been wearing the same style of lens, or brand of contact lens have you considered changing brands? There are a range of contact lenses available to buy online that are more comfortable to wear than ever before like the Coopervision Biofinity range – these are comfortable, reduce dry eye symptoms and can even be worn overnight – these are available to buy from Lenses Online