Top 4 tips for caring for your contact lens

10th Aug 2015

Wearing contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing glasses, however when you wear a contact lens you must keep up a regular cleaning routine for your lens. It is only through proper care and cleaning that you can be sure your contact lens will stay comfortable to wear and will protect the health of your eye.

  • Wash your hands – before you touch your contact lens – before applying it, before removing it and before cleaning your contacts you should ensure you wash and dry your hands thoroughly. This is done by washing in mild (fragrance free) warm soapy water and wiping/drying your hands on a lint free towel.
  • Only use the right cleaning product for your lens - Lenses Online stock a range of lens cleaning products and there is one that will suit the type of lens you are wearing. Remember not all brands of lens cleaning solution are suitable for every type of lens. Some contact lens wearers prefer to just buy a saline solution rather than a multipurpose cleaning solution because it is cheaper, but saline is only for rinsing or storing your lenses, NOT for cleaning. Switching from a proper lens cleaning solution to saline solution can cause problems as saline solution is not designed to clean or disinfect your contact lens.
  • Keep a regular cleaning routine – Life can get busy and it’s easy to forget and let your cleaning regimen slip for a day or two but you must remember that sticking to a strict contact lens cleaning regime is critical, it’s the only way to protect your general eye health. To ensure your lenses remain clean and comfortable you need to follow all the care and cleaning instructions you were given. A one step liquid enzymatic cleaner available from Lenses Online gives you the convenience of cleaning your contacts while they are still in their case.
  • Replace your contact lens case regularly – you also need to care for your case properly and it should be replaced every 3- 6 months to ensure it remains clean and sanitary.