Tracking down contact lens brands: What you need to know about rebranding

31st Oct 2013

There are numerous ways in which people try to protect their economic “turf” and keep clients from purchasing supplies from other sources. In the case of contact lenses, optometrists in New Zealand (and probably other nations of the world where contacts are prescription based, such as Great Britain and the United States) often attempt to enforce “customer loyalty” by rebranding contact lenses that they sell.

This means that when you find contact lenses you like and that work well for you, you will often be unable to find that brand anywhere else, including highly professional sources of online contact lenses, such as %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%, our own firm, which offers many different types of lenses in an easy to use Internet format that allows you to customize your order and enter your prescription information directly and conveniently on a web form during ordering.

Rebranding, however, is not the same as possessing a completely unique brand. It simply means that the optometrist has applied their own brand name to an item which is actually part of the product line from a larger, well-known company. They rely on the difficulty of discovering what the real brand is to keep selling their rebranded product at an inflated price to you, the final customer.

We can assist you with avoiding this costly practice by finding out some basic information about the rebranded product. It is very likely to be part of one of the many lines of high quality online contact lenses we carry, and with a few clues, such as the rebranded name it is being sold under, we can likely track it down for you.


You will then be able to purchase the contact lenses that you need through us, at a price which is likely to be far more affordable than that which the optometrist sets for his or her “captive” market.