Types of Contact Lenses You Can Use

15th Feb 2019

Many people considering switching lenses have a number of question about them, like whether they would be able to adjust to them, what kind to buy and whether or not they are safe. There a variety of options to choose from on LensesOnline, and each one of them has certain pros and cons.

The one you select has to suit your specific eyesight requirements, and consulting an optometrist will help you select the perfect one for your use. Here is some information that can help you make a much better decision:

1. Soft Contact Lenses

These are one of the most common types of lenses that optometrists prescribe. They are extremely flexible and soft. In addition, the materials they are comprised of incorporate water and permit oxygen to reach your cornea easily.

2. Daily disposable lenses

These types of lenses are far more expensive than the regular ones, but the risk of infection is much lower.

3. Two Week/Monthly Disposable Lenses

These lenses arefor daily use and are much harder than the disposable contact lenses.

4. Multi-Focal Contact Lenses

A lot like bifocal glasses, these contact lenses are used when people need them for both distance correction and reading.

5. Toric contact lenses

This type of lenses helps to correct moderate astigmatism.

6. Gas-Permeable Lenses

Also known as RPGs, these are hard lenses that are made of a combination of silicone, plastic, and fluoropolymers which help oxygen and air pass into the lenses. That is where the name, gas permeable comes from.

The Risk Factors

No matter the kind of lenses you use, it is crucial to remove them before bedtime unless they are extended wear lenses as it can cause infection as well as contact lens intolerance. The daily-wear lenses should not be used as extended-wear lenses. That can cause significant damage to your cornea. Wearing lenses overnight can increase the risk of infection, and usually occurs due to the lack of lens care or cleaning them with the wrong contact lens solution.

Over-wearing lenses can lead to lens intolerance and you will never be able to wear lenses again. If you wear gas-permeable lenses that do not fit well or wear them while sleeping, they can scratch the cornea which can cause serious damage. They can at times slide out from the cornea under the eyelid.

We strongly recommend following your optometrist’s recommendation / prescription.

Following these steps can help you avoid making these mistakes. For further information on the different types of contact lenses contact LensesOnline at 0800 800 536 or visit our website.