Typical Awkward Moments for Contact Lens Wearers

16th Sep 2019

You may love your contact lenses and on the overall, they make life less difficult. But, if you wear them each and every day there’s bound to be a time where they can make things, well, only a little awkward. Occasionally it can seem as if they’ve got their own tips and although putting them in is easy, it is pretty easy to get it wrong when your mind is on other stuff. Following are the most frequent moments that most contact lens wearers will have experienced one or more times:

  • Applying your lenses on inside out

When the world is a little blurry after you open your eyes in the morning, or you are distracted with other stuff, you might not notice if your lens is turned the wrong way. You will see that the lens does not feel quite right and quite not long it’ll pop out, leaving you to start out the entire process once again, which is certainly something you do not need, especially when you are rushing to work

  • Having a stray eyelash in the lens

You may have discovered what seems like a crack in the lens. You get those lenses out as quickly as possible, simply to realise the lens is fine. It is only an eyelash that’s made an attempt to creep in only to spoil your day. Blow it away and give your lens an instant clean prior to reapplying it. Now consider starting up again, this time it will feel a lot better. In case it occurs to you on different occasion, just try blinking a couple of times, it’ll often fall out of behind your lens without having any want to cleanse them.

  • Tearing your last lens

Because an entire month of glasses wearing looks you in the face, you bane the lens, and every single thing you can think about, prior to falling into hopelessness. However despair not, for several it can take is for you to seize your phone and, with some taps of your screen, you can reorder your lenses online so that they’re with you the very following day. That is just one single day of glasses wearing and you can get back to your regular activities

  • Your contacts suddenly trying to make a break for it

The most unfortunate benefit of this is you can't say for sure when it is coming. You sense it happening, things begin to blur, but out of your other eye you can see the awkward expression of their face. It could be embarrassing when you then have to share with the person you’re with to keep perfectly still while you fumble about on the floor trying to find your rogue contact. Still when you have retrieved it, you have to behave natural and finish your conversation squinting out of one eye as you watch for a way to give it a clear.

  • Forgetting to take off your lens before going to bed

It’s been a lengthy old day, but you have managed to make it. You’re looking towards a well-earned rest. You have cleaned your teeth, got into bed and got all cosy. At long last, you start drifting off but, you jolt awake all of sudden realising your lenses are still within your eyes

All the things above may all lead to a little bit of awkwardness, but you will still need you contact lenses to get by your day. No matter how you wear your contact lens, be it for everyday use, or for sport only, or simply you wear them when going out in the evening, make sure you get your lenses from Lenses Online