What do you get with your contact lenses, beyond better vision and convenience?

21st Apr 2017

Your monthly contact lenses can do so much more than just correct your vision and give you tremendous convenience, thanks to the latest in vision technology. Contact lens can now let the wearer focus on two fields of view at once. This results in superhuman vision, as you can keep an eye on a projected image while your surrounding scenery can also be looked at. Normally the human eye on its own can only focus on one distance at a time. These unique contact lenses, however, will let two images be viewed at the same time, with the projected image going through the retina display, while the background image is still visible. This development in lens technology has got the Pentagon excited, who are reportedly going to use this to develop display screens similar to what has been seen in The Terminator!

And this is just the beginning. You normally would never think of checking your messages or responding to an email while in the shower. It would wreak havoc on your smartphone! Doing such tasks may soon become a possibility though, as new technology will let you see information, such as a text, using specially designed contact lenses.Belgian researchers have been developing a spherical curved LCD display that can fit onto the contact lens. While other attempts have failed in the past, this technology could cover an entire lens worth of text, images and other visuals. As a more practical side to these contact-lens screens, these contact lenses would darken on exposure to light, to protect from the sun's rays, and act like adaptable sunglasses.

Let’s get down to fashion! If you want something out of the ordinary when it comes to contact lenses then you might want to have a look at these special effect lenses, also known as crazy contacts or Halloween contact lenses. These look like they are from Hollywood plots. From a happy face to a soccer ball, to Mickey Mouse, you can find exactly what you want and make an impressive eye statement. That’s not it though. Designer branding is being taken to a new frontier with contact lenses that outline the iris in fine circles of sparkling gold or black being introduced by Dior in Europe. Nike on the other hand has developed a range of contact lenses that are very functional, but also very strange. Each contact lens is designed for a different sport. For example, one is totally red and is designed for cyclists to reduce the road glare from the sun. Continuing the frenzy to come up with something different, one designer has created a line of jewelry which is intended to be worn on the eyes. The bizarre eye decoration range features a number of adornments which hang on wires from the contact lenses. Users attach a range of accessories, such as crystals and flowers, to the new prescription or dummy lenses and wear them throughout the day.

If the regular coloured eye contacts are not enough for you, there are lots of options you have to choose from. Fancy a dragon lens? Costing over 200$, these are quite expensive as they are usually hand painted and they are full sclera contact lenses. If you've never used contact lenses, Dragon Eyes are probably not for you since getting a full scleral contact lens into your eye is very difficult.

Futurist tech has been used to address a number of health concerns, as well as expand on the human body's natural capabilities. Would you consider any of these out-of-this-world options? On the other hand if you are looking for good quality, corrective contact lenses online, please browse our available products or call us on 0800 800 536.