What is a 30 day contact lens?

13th Oct 2015

Contact lens technology is advancing all the time and this has seen a change in the materials used for contact lenses with soft contact lenses, ridged lenses, coloured lenses, daily disposable, fortnightly monthly and toric contact lenses. Advancements have been made that include the extended wear style of lenses available from Lenses Online.

A 30 day lens, also known as a monthly or extended wear contact lens has become a popular choice amongst contact lens wearers. When wearing a 30 day lens you wear them during the day but you need to remove them in the evening when you go to bed – as the name suggests you can wear the lenses for up to 30 days before you need to replace them. As with any and all contact lenses you need a current prescription before you can order a contact lens on line through Lenses Online. Visit your ophthalmologist to have an eye test – if you have never worn contacts before your optom will be able to measure your eye for the prescription or allow you to try lenses on in store to see if they are right for you.

In general contact lenses are only meant to be worn during the day – or while you are awake and must be removed before you go to bed – this is important as you don’t want to stop the flow of air getting to your eyes which happens if you have prolonged direct contact with them. By removing your contact lens of a night you allow air to get to your eyes – if you don’t remove your lenses and allow air flow you can actually damage your eyes.

It is for this reason that people have decided to switch to other alternatives for contact use, which can include the ability to wear a contact lens for a longer period of time. If you suffer from sensitive eyes, check with your ophthalmologist first to see if contact lenses will be suitable for you.

Lenses Online recommend you dispose of the extended wear contact lens once you have reached the 30 day period.